Modern Era Committee Speaks

The first of the two Hall of Fame votes for this season is done. The Modern Era Committee, one of the four current versions of the Veteran’s Committee just announced their picks for addition to Cooperstown: Alan Trammell and Jack Morris.


Trammell was new to the ballot, having just fallen off the BBWAA ballot short of election. He played shortstop for Detroit during his entire career. I’m not sure who the top 10 all time shortstops are (Honus Wagner and nine other guys is a good bet) but Trammell legitimately belongs in the argument.

Morris with Minnesota

For a while Morris was a teammate of Trammell’s. They won the 1984 World Series together. Later Morris moved on to Minnesota where he won another World Series (and was Series MVP), then headed to Toronto for two more championships.

I have no problem with either man making the Hall of Fame. I’ll admit to being more pleased with Trammell than with Morris, but I’m not opposed to either being there. I’m very surprised to see Marvin Miller fail election again. MLB’s website says he got 7 votes (of 16 possible). Ted Simmons I feel a little sorry for. Needing 12 votes to get elected (of 16) Simmons got 11. That’s kind of a shame, but it also surprises me and gives me hope for Simmons in the future.. And BTW the same site says Trammell got 14 votes and Morris 13.

The Morris election is, to me, a hopeful sign for other players. Traditionally high ERA’s have been a disqualifier to election for the Hall of Fame. With Morris now in with an ERA just south of four it may open up the Hall for other pitchers like Mel Harder and Wes Ferrell, as well as current nominee Mike Mussina (who’s ERA would be high for the Hall). We’ll see if that works (and none of this is meant to indicate whether I indorse Ferrell and/or Harder for the Hall or not).

So congratulations to both on their election. Now we get to see (in January) what the other vote does.


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3 Responses to “Modern Era Committee Speaks”

  1. Miller Says:

    You’re a man who looks on the bright side, which I completely respect. I wish I did that more. While I’m not a Harder guy, I do like him a shade more than Morris. The other two pitchers, however, only need voters to understand context and nuance, something they’re notoriously bad at.

    Morris was a good pitcher who pitched slightly above average over the course of his entire career (105 ERA+). Mussina was a stud whose career 123 ERA+ is something Morris could match only five time in his 17 full seasons.

    As for Ferrell, voters seem to care only about how a pitcher pitched rather than how a pitcher played. Sandy Koufax, for example, was clearly a better pitcher than Johan Santana. But he wasn’t so clearly a better player. His hitting was really bad. Ferrell was a good pitcher who helped himself a ton with the bat. I support Ferrell, though I can see the argument against. He’s a pitcher, so he’s supposed to be a great pitcher.

    As for Marvin Miller, I’ve stopped being surprised. It makes me happy that you remain hopeful.

  2. wkkortas Says:

    A bunch of people who Miller helped make very rich decided against repaying him, which I find sad on several levels. Trammell? Fine pick, and hopefully Lou Whitaker gets in as well. Morris? I’m not buying–there were three “compilers” that the committee had to consider, and they picked the third best of the bunch.

  3. Gary Trujillo Says:

    I’m quite unimpressed by either making the HOF. The whole thing has turned into a parody of itself.

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