Curses, the Rangers, and Golden Corral

Best Buffet in the USA (by their own admission)

We spent the last holiday with my sister-in-law. She’s a nice enough lady, but she hates to cook. So she decided she’d treat us to a dinner out. She picked the local Golden Corral for the big event.

Now I have no idea if you’re familiar with Golden Corral, but it’s a national buffet chain. You enter, pay some money, and are met with a long set of food choices that go on for several feet. There are meats, desserts, breads, veggies, salad items, and drinks (soft, coffee, tea, and water). The deviled eggs are great and if you’re picking out the deviled eggs for mention it should tell you something about the quality of the food. It actually ranges from pretty good to pretty wretched depending on the dish and the establishment.

It’s also usually crowded. The tables are close together so if you’re eating instead of gabbing it’s pretty easy to hear the conversation of the people at the next table, which is about three feet away. The table just to my left contained two men who looked to be in their mid-thirties who were deep in conversation.

“They’ve been cursed by God. I swear it’s a curse from God.”

Well, that got my attention. Not wanting to be in the line of fire if a curse from God is on the menu I decided I’d better make sure who (or what) was cursed. So I grew a long set of ears and heard the following conversation (which is only vaguely paraphrased):

“Can’t be a curse. God wouldn’t curse the Rangers.”

“Sure he would. Look at what happened when they got rid of him.” This from the first guy.

“Yeah, they started losing but I don’t know that was a curse. Maybe it was just getting rid of Ron Washington.”

At this point I knew the curse was on the Texas Rangers and as a Dodgers fan I figured I was safe and could go back to eating.

“Nope. God’s gotta be a Ryan fan and so help me he cursed the Rangers when they cut him loose.” OK, it was too much and I had to start listening again.

“Well, they were winning when he was there.”

“Damned straight. Nolan Ryan was the Rangers and they let him go. Where’d he go? Houston. And look what happened to them.”

As a Dodgers fan I was well aware of what happened to the Astros. Maybe there was something to this conversation.

“You tell me that’s not a curse on the Rangers.”

“OK, they lost. But a curse? From God?”

“Look what God did to Houston with that damned flood. You think he’s a big Houston fan? Hell, maybe getting Ryan saved them from worse problems.”

For the first time I realized that Nolan Ryan had a direct line to God that most of us lacked.

“I’m just saying the Rangers ain’t gonna win again until they get Ryan back in Arlington. God’ll see to that.”

I think the other guy was starting to agree with him, but about that time my wife got back to the table and insisted I talk with her and her sister. I don’t know how the conversation turned out but the guy who believed in the curse was winning.



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7 Responses to “Curses, the Rangers, and Golden Corral”

  1. Precious Sanders Says:

    Fascinating. Might be time to start sucking up to Nolan Ryan. I’m sure the direct line will come in handy some day.

  2. wkkortas Says:

    I am reminded of one of my favorite movie quotes, from Robert Preston in Semi-Tough: “You’re not gonna let me have it, are you, Lord? I’m a sinner, and you’re gonna f**k me.”

  3. Gary Trujillo Says:

    I believe the Rangers “curse” started when they signed Josh Hamilton. 🙂

  4. Jackie, The Baseball Bloggess Says:

    Ummm … not to quibble with your dining neighbors, but didn’t it happen the other way ’round? Didn’t Houston have Ryan and then he left and went to the Rangers where he finished his career? Maybe Ryan didn’t curse the Rangers … although I think somebody did. 🙂

    • verdun2 Says:

      You’re right, of course about the order of his playing days; but I took it to mean they were talking about Ryan leaving the front office job with the Rangers and then taking another front office job with the Astros. I had enough sense not to interrupt and find out. I was afraid that while curses were being tossed around, one might land on me.

  5. Jackie, The Baseball Bloggess Says:

    Well, goodness, that’s even more problematic. Because, as an Orioles fan I can tell you — it’s the front office execs who STAY in Baltimore that have cursed us, not the ones who leave! 🙂

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