RIP Tom Terrific

Tom Seaver

Just saw that Tom Seaver died at age 75. He was a great, great pitcher and, apparently, even better human being. He was a personal favorite of mine, and I suppose, of most people who watched him pitch. Although I was a huge fan of the great pitchers of the 1960s (Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson, and Marichal) if I were a manager and needed one pitcher to pitch one game for me, I might just pick Seaver over all of them.
RIP, Tom Terrific



5 Responses to “RIP Tom Terrific”

  1. Miller Says:

    It’s Seaver or Gibson for me. For today, it’s all Tom Terrific. RIP, Tom.

  2. Ron Kitchell Says:

    I was a huge fan of Seaver, especially when he pitched for my Reds. Since I’m not a big fan of modern day baseball, I find myself harkening back to my youth and the Big Red Machine and the Eric Davis Reds. RIP, Mr. Seaver and prayers for your family.

  3. rjkitch13 Says:

    I was a big fan of Seaver, especially when he pitched for my Reds. RIP, Tom Terrific!

  4. glenrussellslater Says:

    Hi. This is Beth, /glen slater’s sister. Glen loved Seaver, Is there an email I can write to you at or do you have Glen’s email>?

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