Well, I’ve been out of the loop for a while. In my defense, it’s been a lousy couple of months. So bear with me a moment.

First, my wife ended up in the hospital (non-Covid) which scared the heck out of me. Now she’s back home, well, and the normal pain-in-the-neck she usually is on a given day. My health took a tumble for a while, but I’m back to something like normal; at least what passed for normal for me. Then the Great Central Oklahoma Ice Storm of 2020 hit. We took major damage to the trees, the fence is a disaster, a water main broke, and the power was out for a week (along with the WiFi).

The power went out Monday night about 20 minutes after the Senate confirmed the latest Supreme Court Justice. The Senate Minority Leader warned us that confirming her would lead to disaster. Guess he was right (at least in the short term). Worse was that the power was still out on Tuesday night and I couldn’t find the World Series on a battery operated radio. I had to text my son the next morning to find out the Dodgers finally won one.

I suppose that’s just as well. Had I watched the game I might have jinxed the Bums, or worse, had a heart attack when they actually won the Series. After all, I’ve deteriorated in 32 years. But now at least I can tell my son the Twins fan that my guys have won as many times in his lifetime as his guys (2). I’m still looking to find the game on MLB network and will at some point.

Now Clayton Kershaw has a ring. Good for him. It’s nice to see him get the proverbial monkey off his back. I’ve never looked up the origin of that cliche, and will have to at some point. Now, if he can just win two more he can finally be compared to that other Dodger lefty whose last name begins with a “K.” And it was nice to see, in the age of social consciousness, Dave Roberts win the World Series as a manager.

I also missed commenting on the death of both Bob Gibson and Whitey Ford. They were two of the great pitchers of my youth and it reminds me of my aging. Now only Juan Marichal and Sandy Koufax remain of the great pitchers before I left High School. I read on something that the Hall of Fame lost six members already this year. With a month and a half to go, let’s hope that number doesn’t change.

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4 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Miller Says:

    Great to have you back, v! And congrats to your Dodgers too.

    There will always be some who rank that other lefty over Kershaw, but not me. Much crazier, there will always be some who would rather have Madison Bumgarner pitch in a big game. One has never topped 5 WAR in a season and the other has seven times. I’ll take my chances with an all-time great any day.

    Be nice to Mookie for me!

  2. rjkitch13 Says:

    I’m happy your Dodgers won the World Series. Well, happy for you not me, I’m not a fan of them. I’m glad to hear your wife and you are doing better. Keep safe and God Bless!

  3. Steve Myers Says:

    Sorry to hear of troubles with the house and health, but glad you were able to enjoy the Dodger’s win or that you will be able to. It is available on if you have a subscription and I think if you buy an off season package you have access to all playoff and world series games as well. Here’s to some more good momentum coming your way v!!

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