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2012 Awards: How Did I Do?

November 16, 2012

The answer to the above question is actually pretty good. To be fair, I generally had two chances to win each race. Remember, I picked who I thought should win (who I would vote for) and who I thought would win. Sometimes they were the same player, sometimes they weren’t. But it did mean I had 16 possible chances to get eight races correct. I think it’s only fair to remind you of that. So award by award, here’s how I did.

Rookies: Nailed Trout for the American League (as if there was any doubt). Also got Harper right, kinda. This is a case of saying who I thought should win (Miley) and who I thought would win. I thought Harper would win.

Managers: Nailed Johnson for the National League. Again I got Melvin kinda right. This was one where I thought he should win, but I expected Showalter would win. Sort of  the opposite of how I did with the National League Rookie results.

Cy Young: Nailed Dickey for the National League. Totally hashed the American League. I said I thought Verlander should and  would win. Then I lost the closest AL Cy Young race ever. Bummer.

MVP: Nailed ’em both. I have to admit that I thought the Cabrera/Trout confrontation would be closer than it was. This does bring up an interesting question. We know that the writers pay attention to the SABR stats when voting for the Cy Young (see the Hernandez win). Apparently they don’t pay nearly as much attention to the hitting ones in determining the MVP. I wonder is that true in general or is the Triple Crown so special that they ignored the SABR stats in this one specific case? It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.

So how did you do? If better than me, congratulations. If not, just remember that over the years since 1930, the writers have proved sometimes utterly idiotic when chosing postseason award winners. Sometimes they get them right, sometimes they aren’t in the same ballpark with right. So if you didn’t do well in your own picks, don’t worry about it. Frequently the writers hashed it as badly as you did. 

Now on to the December Veteran’s Committee vote.