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2015 Hall of Fame Ballot is Out

November 25, 2014

The BBWA Hall of Fame ballot was just released. There are 17 guys remaining from the old ballot. Here’s that list:

Biggio, Piazza, Bagwell, Raines, Clemens, Bonds, Lee Smith, Schilling, Edgar Martinez, Trammell, Mussina, Kent, McGriff, McGwire, Walker, Mattingly, Sosa.

And here’s the list of the 17 new guys appearing for the first time:

Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Smoltz, Delgado, Sheffield, Garciaparra, Percival, Aurilia, Aaron Boone, Tony Clark, Dye, Erstad, Floyd, Giles, Tom Gordon, Guardado, Jason Schmidt.

The holdover list is in order of votes in the 2014 balloting. The new list is in the order I found it on NBC News website. My take later.