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2018 Cy Young Award

November 14, 2018

Blake Snell

MLB just announced the league winners for the Cy Young Award. For the National League it’s Jacob DeGrom; Blake Snell for the American League.

In some ways you have a split among the voters. The AL people went with the guy who led the league in both wins (21) and ERA (1.89), two very traditional stats. He also led the AL in pitching WAR. DeGrom, on the other hand had a league leading ERA (1.70), but a terrible win-loss record (10-9) and was second (to Nova) in pitching WAR.

It seems that the writers are willing to embrace the newer stats to some degree, but still look seriously at the traditional stats. Whichever you prefer (and I kinda like the mix of both new and traditional), congrats to both pitchers on their victory.

BTW Snell was not listed first in the initial announcement of nominees. There went that theory.