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RIP Dick Enberg

December 22, 2017

Dick Enberg at the Hall of Fame

Just saw that Dick Enberg died. He was the winner of the Frick Award in 2015 for his broadcasting career. That gives him a picture in the Hall of Fame.

During his career he broadcast a number of different sports including tennis, football, and basketball. For the purposes of this site he did radio work for the Angels, television work for the Padres, and broadcast the World Series. He was 82.

RIP, Dick Enberg.

2015 Frick Award Announced

December 10, 2014
Dick Enberg

Dick Enberg

The Baseball Hall of Fame just announced that longtime broadcaster Dick Enberg is the 2015 Ford Frick Award winner. The Frick Award is given to a distinguished broadcaster for his work. Enberg broadcasts Padres games. He’s also well known for his work on CBS television in basketball, football, and tennis.

Other than the January 2015 Hall of Fame balloting, this concludes MLB’s postseason awards and honors.