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2013 Awards: Rookies

October 7, 2013
Wil Myers, Tampa Bay

Wil Myers, Tampa Bay

This is  second look at the upcoming postseason awards. This time I want to weigh in on Rookie of the Year. Same format as with the previous post on managers.

AL: I think Wil Myers at Tampa Bay will win the American League Rookie of the Year award. He hit .293, slugged.478, and put up an OPS of .831 (OPS+ of 132). He was tied or second in home runs with 13, one behind Oswaldo Arcia of he Twins, led all AL Rookies in RBIs, and was second in runs. I think all that will get him the writer’s nod for the award I agree and would also vote for him.

NL: The fun is going to come in the National League where it seems to have come down to a choice between the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig and the Marlins’  Jose Fernandez (I see no particular support for either the Braves’ Evan Gattis or the Padres’ Jedd Gyorko). The Dodgers were dead in the water when the brought Puig to the big leagues. He responded by becoming the spark that started the team on the road to the NL West title. He hit .319, slugged .534, and had an OPS of .925. He scored 66 runs, had 42 RBIs, popped 19 home runs, and stole 11 bases. Add to that a terrific outfield arm and you have a player who can lead a team out of the doldrums. Fernandez couldn’t lead his team out of the basement. With that lineup Walter Johnson would have trouble getting a win. But Fernandez put up great stats with a terrible team. As a rule I believe that failure to get your team out of the basement is death for awards purposes. But Fernandez went 12-6 with an ERA of 2.19 over 172 innings. His WHIP was 0.979 and his ERA+ was 176. I think Puig’s help in resurrecting the Dodgers will get him a lot of votes, but I also think ultimately that Fernandez’s year was better. I’d vote for him. I think just maybe the writers will also.