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The World Series Encyclopedia: a Review

September 19, 2017

My oldest baseball book

Way back in 1961 Gillette advertised a little booklet call The World Series Encyclopedia. If you wanted one, you had to buy a new razor and one of the little booklets came with it. As it turned out, my grandfather needed a new razor and bought a Gillette. We got the book, and I still have it.

This is a paperback book about the size of the old paperback novels you used to be able to get where there were two novels in one. You read one, then turned the book over and could read the other which began on the back. So you got two books in one. The baseball book had a series of short comments about each playoff with an occasional accompanying cartoon drawing. If you look at the cover above, you can see three representative examples of the cartoons. It was pretty basic information, not great details, but if you were a kid, it was more than you probably knew and it was short and easy to read.

Every so many years, there was a break and line scores of each World Series game were given. Then at the end there were basic stats on each player who’d ever been in a World Series game. For hitters you got at bats, runs, hits, doubles, triples, homers, RBIs, and a batting average. For pitchers you got innings pitched, hits, walks, strikeouts, and decisions. Then there were some records showing who had the most home runs (Babe Ruth) and the most wins (Red Ruffing). And finally, there was a “preseason training camp”┬ároster for each team for 1961 (which is wonderful to have).

I’ve enjoyed having it for over 50 years and hope to pass it along to my son. It’s way out of date, but it is so much fun to look over and see what was considered important in 1961. Copies are available on-line if you’re interested. For those of you old enough to have gotten it when it was new it was great, and you could get a good shave too.